Celltreat 96 Well Non-treated Plate without Lid, Flat Bottom, Sterile (· Tissue Culture Plate 96 Well - with Lid, Flat Bottom, Individual Pack (Pack. Thermo Scientific Nunc MicroWell Well Optical-Bottom Plates with Polymer Base have a solid polystyrene black or white upper structures with a polystyrene. A microplate, also known as a microtiter plate, microwell plate or multiwell, is a flat plate with multiple "wells" used as small test tubes. These clear polystyrene plates have nonreversible lids with condensation rings to reduce contamination. Selection of 6-, , , 48 or well plates. Waters well and well plates are adherent to ANSI and SBS standards and are suitable for LC autosamplers and liquid handling robots. Waters plates are.

96 Well Culture Plate, PN Ideal for serology, microbiology, cell culture, sample storage and transportation. These culture plates are manufactured. 96 Well Polypropylene Microplates from Greiner Bio-One: Ideal for storage of non-human sample material ✓ Contact us or discover more online - The Nunclon Sphera surface-treated plates offer a physiologically relevant 3D cell culture format for disease modeling and drug screening applications in cancer. CELLLSTAR® 96 Well Cell Culture Multiwell Plates with Lids | The CELLSTAR® Cell Culture Multiwell Plates feature a tissue culture physical surface treatment. The µ-Plate 96 Well Square comes with a thin ibidi Polymer Coverslip Bottom that has the highest optical quality (comparable to glass) and is ideally suitable. 96 Well Tissue Culture Plate - cm² Area, Qty. Description. For EIA and other applications. Clear polystyrene; Results with CV of wells and replicate values within ±10% of the mean Background. Part No. Description, Stock Status, Case Qty, Price, Purchase. , 96 Well Plate, mL, PP, Round Well, Round. BRAND Deep Well Plates. BrandTech®. BRAND well deep well plates are excellent for high throughput screening (HTS), assays requiring a mother plate, cell and. Details. Our Sapphire µL well microplates are made out of highly transparent polystyrene, assuring an optimal surface for microscopic analysis. White Opaque Flat-Bottom Well Plate, Nonsterile, with Lid, for Luminescence Assays. These Well Plates have Shelf Life of 12 months.

Made % from renewable biopolymer, this well plate has a 50% lower carbon footprint than that of standard polystyrene plates. · The flat-bottom design. PCR plates achieve rapid, even heat transfer for consistent, high quality results. Available in several options to accommodate a variety of PCR cyclers. It is made of clear PETG plastic, printed with grid lines between wells. The well shape is round and the volume is µl. The plate is chemically resistant to. Corning® well Solid Black and White Polystyrene Microplates · Designed to reduce well-to-well cross-talk · White microplates enhance luminescent signals and. SKU, PDL. Wells, Volume, µL. Well Shape, Round. Colour, Black. Bottom, Clear PS F-bottom. Surface, Poly-D-Lysine. Sterile, Yes. Alvetex® Scaffold 96 Well Plate The Alvetex Scaffold 96 Well Plate is comprised of a black plate, clear plastic base, with Alvetex Scaffold at the bottom of. We offer downloadable and printable 24, 48 & 96 well plate templates in PDF, JPG, PNG and SVG formats for design experiments performed in a well plate. Ideally suited for the storage of active agents, DNA/RNA or stock cultures · High chemical resistance and temperature tolerance · Black plates for fluorescence. Buy online, request quote or samples! 96 Well Skirted PCR Plates designed for use on standard thermal cyclers.

96 Well Microtest plates · well plates out of highly transparent polypropylene assure an optimal surface for microscopic analysis · The standardized. PlateOne well plates have a functional temperature range of °C to +°C. Plates measure mm L x mm W x mm H. The wells are mm deep. Corning 96 Well Plate. 96 well plate from Corning; to be used with 9 mm insert. For Plate Reader III only: compatible with SLS when using oil or sealing tape. SBS Microtitre plate Sensor Arrays. Zimmer and Peacock recognise that the SBS Microtitre plate format forms a critical part of the workflow in many modern. Technical features of wells · μl · μl · μl. The general features of the wells are the same and all fit on the same frames.

These sterile cell culture plates are great for the In-Cell Western Assay and a variety of other multiwell plate applications. These plates include a lid. Overview. Collection plate for Well plates are designed for collection of eluted samples. Collection plates is a package of 5 × well. Request quote or free samples! 96 Round Well Storage Plates for collection and preservation of samples in cell biology, molecular biology and drug. White, low-profile, white, opaque, semi-skirted, well plates for real-time PCR systems. Cell culture plate, 96 well, material: PS, surface: Standard, for Adherent cells, coding colour: red, flat base, TC Tested, 1 piece(s)/blister. Globe Scientific Polystyrene Microtest Plate, Well, U-Bottom (Pack of 50) · Grow Cells with Olympus Well Tissue Culture TC Treated Plates, Sterile.

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